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Bathroom Interior Design
Esher, Surrey

Brief: This bathroom in Esher, Surrey was originally divided into a small bathroom and a small room that could not be used as a bedroom. Clients were sure how to make the space work for them and create a bathroom that gave them a sense of relaxation. 

Design approach: We looked at the available space and evaluated different possibilities. Given that our clients were not wedded to the room that was next to the small bathroom, we decided to remove the wall and join both rooms into a comfortable bathroom. 
What we also did was to add a door that would lead to the master bedroom since this bedroom did not have an ensuite bathroom. This way, the bathroom can be used as an ensuite but also as a family bathroom. 

Tip: When creating a Jack and Jill bathroom (bathroom that has two entrances) don't forget to include locks in the doors! 

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