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Interior Design and House Renovation
Weybridge, Surrey

Brief: When I was contacted to work on this project, the brief was to improve the living room, office and music room. 
A busy family of four with a huge passion for music needed a space to store instruments and have music lessons. 
The living room was spacious and had lovely details but the use of the space was not clear and lacked character to invite you to stay and spend time in it. 
The office room had been used by the previous owners as a bedroom and had a built-in bed with storage but this bed was collapsing and was taking up a lot of the space. Our clients wanted to make this room into a study and possibly a spare room. 

Design approach: 
For the living room, we worked on creating a space that the family could use to read, snuggle to watch TV by the fireplace and enjoy a relaxing time. We added bespoke joinery in the form of a TV media unit with plenty of storage and shelves to display their books. 

In the music room, we designed a joinery piece that stored the cellos, guitars and violins and also housed the piano. It was important to create a comfortable and inviting space where the kids and music teachers felt at ease when lessons took place. 

For the office, we removed the built-in bed and cleared the area to assess how to best utilise the space. We created a bespoke unit with plenty of storage for files and printers, added a comfortable desk and the rest of the room had space for a sofa bed for when guests came. 

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