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Contemporary living room. Lounge renovation

If you’re looking for a complete overhaul or planning designs for new rooms this is where to begin. We provide both design and implementation services :

  • Spatial Planning - Layouts

  • Concept design - Colour and style options

  • 3D visuals to give you complete confidence in how your design vision will be realised

  • Procurement - curated product lists and coordination of purchases on your behalf 

  • Installation

  • Styling

We also provide tradesmen project coordination. So once the layouts and concepts are agreed upon, we will coordinate tradesmen.

For that, you can either contact them yourself and we can meet them on-site to discuss the project and eventually coordinate or oversee their work, or we can bring our most trusted tradesmen to the site. 

Our clients love the fact that the whole process is stress-free. All the frustrations that brought them to us are taken care of. The nervousness of visiting endless showrooms and not knowing if what they like will work or fit in their spaces, managing deliveries when they don't know when items will be delivered, and coordinating tradesmen whilst they work their jobs or look after their families. All that stress that renovating one or several rooms implies, is managed by us to the last piece in a smooth and confident way. 

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