Thames Ditton


You may have ideas about colours, furniture pieces you love but aren’t 100% sure how they will look in your space? Or you may need to demonstrate your ideas to others. This service is for you. 

Spatial planning is all about layout and visualisation. It helps you understand whether a piece of furniture you have in mind will fit in that space and what works best.

I work with CAD and powerful visualisation tools used in design and architecture. Together, these tools can create photo-realistic visuals to give you complete confidence in how your design vision will be realised.

As an added benefit, these visuals often save time by accelerating the interior project timeline and decision making; it enables the designer to make changes leaving no scope for misunderstanding.


I created this service to make it easy for my clients to design their dream homes or spaces with my help...remotely. 

How does it work?

  • We have a video conversation where you show me the area that needs our attention. 

  • You fill out a questionnaire that asks you about your style, places you like to shop for furniture, what your priorities are, etc. 

  • Then, ask you to survey the space (with provided guidance for this). 

  • I start designing! 

What you will receive a document with:

  • A board of colour and furniture choices

  • A 2D layout option

  • A 3D image 

  • Shopping list for you to purchase the recommended items from

  • Interior tips and 'How-to' suggestions



If you’re looking for a complete overhaul or planning designs for new rooms this is where to begin. We provide both design and implementation services including:

  • Layouts

  • Concept design

  • 3D Models

  • Shopping Lists

  • Ordering

  • Installation

  • Styling

We also provide project management. So after you receive our design and are happy with the layouts and concept, we will coordinate tradesmen.

For that, you can either contact them yourself and we can meet them to discuss the project and eventually coordinate or oversee their work; or we can bring our most trusted tradesmen to the site. 

The benefit of this service is that we help you with everything - from choosing a colour palette based on your visions to styling the last piece of accessory. 

Our clients love the fact that they can make some of the fees back with the trade discounts we provide.  We have amazing relationships with a lot of magnificent brands and so the discounts we obtain are passed directly to you. 


You have lots of accessories, artwork pieces, lovely furniture elements but don't know how to style them. 

This additional service is a small piece for those clients who don't need a total revamp but want to work with what they have and maybe get a couple of on-site suggestions. 

The way that it works is that you send me a few pictures of your space and then we arrange to meet at your house. I then show you how I would style your accessories so that you can do it every time you want to and understand what works best.