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Children's Bedrooms Design 
Weybridge, Surrey

Brief: These two bedrooms needed a change as our clients' children were starting to change and their interests changed too. So our clients asked to give these rooms a different look with the idea that what we did would grow with the kids as their hobbies and interest evolved. 

Design approach: 

Girl's bedroom.

The first thing we did was to explore the space we had, ask her what she wanted to have and from there we would see if it was feasible. We noticed she had a very small desk so we made sure we included one in between the wardrobes with shelves for her books and accessories. For her, lighting was important so we added LED lights in the bespoke desk shelves. 

Boy's bedroom: 
Our young client's bedroom was located on the top floor and the shape was interesting. Despite the low ceilings, it had a good space to create a reading or snuggle nook with a bespoke window seat with lots of storage for his Lego sets. 
Since the bedroom had two wardrobes that only had hanging rails, we decided to keep the biggest, we added shelves inside and removed the smaller wardrobe to make space for a new custom-made desk. 
We tend to use a lot of joinery in our projects, like bespoke bookcases, wooden desks, custom-made media units because they transform the spaces but also add storage in another level. 

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