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Doing a home renovation. What does an Interior Designer need from me?  


When deciding on hiring an Interior Designer as part of your renovations,  it's important to establish a productive, effective, and collaborative relationship. To ensure a successful outcome, there are a few key things that we will need from you:

  1. Be clear on the areas and budget. Having clarity on the areas to work on and the budget you have in mind will help us determine if working in those areas with the established budget is feasible or if we need to prioritise other aspects. 

  2. Be responsive and available: Promptly respond to communication and be available for meetings and discussions. Timely feedback is crucial for the design process to move forward smoothly.

  3. Be flexible and open-minded: Understand that design ideas might evolve throughout the project. Be willing to adapt and consider alternative options suggested by the Interior Designer.

  4. Make decisions: Engage actively in the decision-making process. Provide clear preferences and goals, as well as any constraints or limitations that need to be considered.

  5. Listen to the Interior Designer: Trust our expertise and professional judgment. Be receptive to our suggestions and recommendations based on our experience and knowledge.

  6. Be realistic about timings: Recognize that design and renovation projects often require time and unforeseen challenges can arise. Manage your expectations accordingly and understand that delays may occur.

  7. Trust the Designer and the process: Have confidence in our abilities and the design process. Trust that we have your best interests in mind and will work towards creating a space that meets your vision and needs.

  8. Enjoy the process. Renovations can be overwhelming but hiring an Interior Designer means you will be working with an expert that will take you by the hand along the process. 

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