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Kitchen Design and Renovation
Epsom Downs, Surrey

Brief: This project in the Surrey area of Epsom had a dated kitchen and was in need of a revamp. 
Our clients contacted us to update the kitchen and dining area but the main request was that the kitchen need to be bigger than it was since our client loved cooking. 
There were obviously challenges as we could see quite a few openings but there was not a possibility to extend. 


Design approach:  We designed a bigger kitchen and quite ample working space, and in order to amplify this space, we closed one of the openings to create a more defined zone. By blocking a doorway, we had more walls to add kitchen cabinets and a pantry. It took some convincing but when our clients saw the design, they knew that in order to gain more space, they had to sacrifice something else. 
We loved working on this project because it was a clear example of trusting the process; believing that despite they were losing a doorway and a connection to the living room, there was a definition in the areas, and hence, more space. 

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